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Welcome to our Audio page. The images above are linked to larger sized images of these events and a short audio piece. 

To play audio files you will need a sound card installed on your PC and an audio player that supports the MP3 format. 

Internet Explorer users with the latest Windows Media Player will find that the audio piece will automatically start playing after you have selected an image above. A control will be displayed which allows you to stop, play or change the volume of the sound. 
Choppy audio:
If you experience interruptions in the audio, you may have a slow modem connection. A workaround is to pause the audio file by hitting the stop button (a  square), wait about a minute and then re-start the audio by hitting the play button ( a  triangle). By doing this you are giving your audio player some time to download the audio file.

AOL and Netscape users can download an audio file by clicking on a link below. Once the file has been downloaded you may need to open the file with your audio player.

If you do not have an audio player that supports MP3 format, you will need to download one.  So far we have found  Microsoft's Windows Media Player, MusicMatch's JukeBox, and NullSoft's WinAmp to be good choices. 


Opening chant at a celebration
Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center (RVC) of New York
Selection Participants MP3 Audio File Size
Vedic Chanting RVC Choir (514KB)


Centennial of Vivekananda in America 1993
Music Excerpts at the Community Church
Selection Participants MP3 Audio File Size ASF file
Refresh and Gladden Our Spirit Do'a - World Music Ensemble
( Instruments from over 50 countries )
(1,078KB) (235KB)
Centennial of Vivekananda in America (Selection one) Paul Winter ( soprano saxophone )
Don Muro    ( pipe organ )
Centennial of Vivekananda in America (Selection Two) Paul Winter     ( soprano saxophone )
Yale Glee Club ( chorus )
Don Muro       ( pipe organ )


1993 Parliament of World Religions - Chicago
Selection Participant MP3 Audio File Size
Message by Swami Adiswarananda Swami Adiswarananda
Declaring 1993 the Year of
Inter-Religious Understanding and Cooperation
Copyright 1996, Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center of New York.